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How does the conspiracy survive through generations? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Kelso   
Friday, 04 June 2010 15:42

These people are born into a system. the best example is Princess Dianna, she was going to marry a muslim, and expose the secrets of the monarch as well as disgrace the prince. But most importantly, she cared deeply about her kids. She wanted to raise them herself. She was killed mainly because she wanted to raise the future king, rather than letting them be brainwashed and turned into the tyrants they are expected to become.
The tradition is to have the servants and 'agents' raise the kids, and indoctrinate them into the 'program.'

An age old program that teaches people how 'good' it is to be atop an empire, how 'good' it is to have most of the wealth and get richer at the expense of your 'subjects' how 'good' it is to get rich from peddling drugs, wars and famines. How 'good' it is to reduce the population to more managable levels, for the 'good' of the planet. They grow up to be in lock step with the system, and genuinely believe that they have inbred themselves into a separate species than the rest of humanity, and that their horrible crimes are actually for the greater 'good.'

What shakespeare was trying to tell us, was that it doesnt matter who is on the throne, it is a system and a culture that are in charge. if you replace Obama or Prince Phillip, but dont change the system,  you will have the exact same problems indefinitely. There's no such thing as a trajic character, just a trajic culture, which is impotent in the great moments where a great change is possible. The French Revolution was an example of this, when "A big moment found a little people.' We need a global revolution to change the system. Thankfully, it has already begun, and cannot be stopped.

Who is at the top? well if it matters, I'd say it is the London bankers, as well as Dutch and British monarch who are atop the drug cartels. Also, the Saudi royalty who controls most of the oil. And they are all responsible for most of the major terrorism we see. It's the continuation of the British Empire, which went underground and became a monetary empire, employing their loansharking racket and free trade system to exploit weak nations and territories. Forcing conflict, pushing drugs on the populations and committing genocides to destabilize them and weaken them from resisting the empire. 

There are also traditions and 'trusts' that are passed down with very specific rituals and prohibitions that ensure their originators' idealogy is perpetuated. Of course, this empire has always controlled science, education, and media from the top down, so they can make the public 'enjoy their servitude' and blind them to reality. 

Check out the 'Rhodes foundation' as a good example of how these things are passed on and kept going. There's also lucious trust, masonic and Illuminati societies and rituals that have alot of old money keeping them going.
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