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American System
Greenback Economics vs. Green Economics - Video PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Kelso   
Saturday, 22 February 2014 15:02
Committee for the Republic of Canada Class:Greenback Economics vs. Green Economics
Kevin begins by reviewing the roots of zero-growth economic policies, their connections to the eugenics movement of the British Empire, which is now known as environmentalism, and how it ties in with the reductionist, computer based "information society" that brought you derivatives, and Wikipedia.

He will also bring to light the connection between the imperial entities that have both lead the world into a...

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Written by by Marcia Merry-Baker and Anton Chaitkin   
Friday, 03 May 2013 21:33
What Is the American System?


U.S. citizens, and even economists and historians in this country, have often never heard of the "American System" of economics which made our nation great. Worse yet, many confuse it with the British System of free trade and looting.

In the nineteenth century, however, our leading statesmen not only understood the American System, but promoted it, and campaigned for it, in their political speeches. They understood that our nation, even the world, was in...

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America Was Founded as a Protectionist Nation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ian Fletcher   
Friday, 03 May 2013 21:20


What can be done to save us from the predatory monetary system? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Kelso   
Tuesday, 11 December 2012 14:39

The first thing you need is a global Glass Steagall standard, which restricts banks from mixing speculative/financial accounts with commercial accounts, which are connected to the real physical economy, and are largely composed of the average person's deposits. Banks should not be able to gamble on the stock markets with other peoples' money, and then get bailed out when they lose because they basically put every cent in play at once.



This process would also require that the...

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Canada’s 2012 Budget: Imposing Austerity on the World’s Most Resource-rich Country PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ellen Brown   
Monday, 02 April 2012 10:35

by Ellen Brown


Canada, called the world’s most resource-rich country, is now being subjected to austerity measures like those imposed on third world countries in earlier decades. It is all done in the name of reducing a federal debt that got out of control in the 1970s, when Canada quit borrowing from its own central bank.

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The Military as a Jobs Program: There are More Efficient Ways to Stimulate the Economy PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ellen Brown   
Friday, 01 July 2011 02:32
Global Research, June 22, 2011 Web of Debt

 "Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. . . . We pay for a single fighter plane with a half million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people."

–Dwight David Eisenhower, "The Chance for Peace," speech given to the...

Restoring Economic Sovereignty: The Push for State-owned Banks PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ellen Brown   
Thursday, 17 February 2011 17:13
Global Research, February 16, 2011



"It is time to declare economic sovereignty from the multinational banks that are responsible for much of our current economic crisis.  Every year we ship over a billion dollars in Oregon taxpayer dollars to out-of-state and multinational banks in the form of deposits, only to see that money invested elsewhere. It's time to put our money to work for Oregonians."-- Bill Bradbury, former Oregon Senate President and Secretary of...

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Public Banking in America - Washington State Joins a Nationwide Movement PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 28 January 2011 23:40
Bills were introduced on January 18 in both the House and Senate of the Washington State Legislature that add Washington to the growing number of states now actively moving to create public banking facilities.

The bills, House Bill 1320 and Senate Bill 5238, propose creation of a Washington Investment Trust (WIT) to “promote agriculture, education, community development, economic development, housing, and industry” by using “the resources of the people of Washington State within the...

Time for a New Theory of Money: By understanding that money is simply credit, we unleash it as a powerful tool for our communities PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 30 October 2010 00:45
The reason our financial system has routinely gotten into trouble, with periodic waves of depression like the one we’re battling now, may be due to a flawed perception not just of the roles of banking and credit but of the nature of money itself. In our economic adolescence, we have regarded money as a “thing”—something independent of the relationship it facilitates. But today there is no gold or silver backing our money. Instead, it’s created by banks when they make loans (that...

Escaping the Sovereign Debt Trap: The Remarkable Model of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ellen Brown   
Wednesday, 04 August 2010 18:25
Global Research, August 5, 2010 Web of Debt - 2010-07-03


The current credit crisis is basically a capital crisis: at a time when banks are already short of the capital needed to back their loans, capital requirements are being raised.   Nearly a century ago, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia demonstrated that banks do not actually need capital to make loans – so long as their credit is backed by the government.  Denison Miller, the Bank’s first Governor, was fond of...

The Growing Movement for Publicly-owned Banks PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ellen Brown   
Friday, 19 March 2010 14:30
The Web of Debt
March 19, 2010           Money today is just a ticket, a receipt for work performed and goods delivered. We can fund the work we need done by creating our own credit.    

As the states’ credit crisis deepens, four states have initiated bills for state-owned banks, and candidates in seven states have now included that solution in their platforms.

“Hundreds of job-creating projects are still on hold because Michigan businesses and...

Monetarism vs. Credit System PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 02 February 2010 16:20
A monetary system 




is one which is based on the indiscriminate creation of money. A central, private institution controls the creation of money for a nation. Examples of these are the IMF, World Bank, Bank of England, Federal Reserve, and other private banks.


This type of system is both predatory and inflationary. It derives it's wealth from exploiting the powerless and clueless masses, and relies on deception. 


Nations (190 of them)...

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Is it possible to change A Menu Item's Type? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 10 August 2008 15:15

You indeed can change the Menu Item's Type to whatever you want, even after they have been created.

If, for instance, you want to change the Blog Section of a Menu link, go to the Control Panel->Menus Menu->[menuname]->Menu Item Manager and edit the Menu Item. Select the Change Type button and choose the new style of Menu Item Type from the available list. Thereafter, alter the Details and Parameters to reconfigure the display for the new selection as you require it.