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Feb 01


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Feb 01

The 9/11 Chronicles: Part One, Truth Rising

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Feb 01

Politicians avoiding Questions

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Feb 01

Funny Politics Video!

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Feb 01

The Myth of the Liberal Media: The Propaganda Model of News

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Jan 31

Noam Chomsky - The Political system in the USA.

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Jan 31

10 Most Awkward Political Gaffes

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Jan 20

The Republican Offensive

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The failure of the recent Copenhagen convention on the fraud of manmade global warming (1) has presented us the two diametrically opposing reactions to the collapse of the present international financial system. On the one side, a British empire who has been at the heart of practically every political and economic destabilization globally since the beginning of the 7 years war (1756-1763) to the present phenomenon known today as "Globalization". This group of international financial interests based out of London is aiming at destroying national sovereignty through policies of vicious austerity, de-industrialization, and depopulation. On the other side, we've seen a grouping of nations, led by China and India, who have stood up for the sovereignty of every nation, and who have asserted their right to the development of their population. This population has been engaged to this end, in the development of immense infrastructure projects, using advanced technologies, beginning with nuclear energy.

As stated clearly and loudly by American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche since July 2007, the complete meltdown of the global financial system is unavoidable. The policies of usury, deindustrialization and Malthusianism which have swept the world over the recent 40 years herald an untimely end to our present civilization if we were not to acknowledge the requirements of survival. Only an alliance between the United States, Russia, China and India for the replacement of this monetary system with a fixed exchange rate credit system, based upon respect for national sovereignty, would permit the financing of a true recovery of the world economy by way of great infrastructure projects. However, this alliance is impossible unless the United States breaks with the British inspired policies of the current Obama administration(2), which run completely against the American constitution: Whether by Nazi healthcare rationing or the infinite bailout of banks. The United States must urgently renew its anti-colonial tradition best exemplified by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Canada and Nuclear Energy

From this perspective of real economic development, we have no choice but to develop nuclear energy. Since man's first creative use of fire, an act which distinguishes him from the beast, humankind has progressed by continuously increasing the energy flux density of power sources in use. Today, the fact is, that only nuclear fission (transiting to nuclear fusion) is capable of sustaining 6.7 billion and more human lives. In this respect, Canada would assume a leading role in the necessary global recovery but alas, this present government's intention to auction off this vital Canadian nuclear technology (AECL) exposes the tragic behavior of our political and economic elite; To rid ourselves of these technologies for a quick financial gain is

comparable to a man who sells his children to pay his gambling debts.

The Sky is the Limit

The long overdue great projects, which Canada must play a leading role in building, have been halted continuously due in part to the financial monopoly on the control of credit as also due to decades of environmentalist propaganda of the British Empire. If we seriously consider the planetary needs for the next 50-100 years, it is clear that the development of a global system of high speed rail, and magnetic levitation, built across the Bering Strait tunnel uniting the world as one continent, holds the key to unlocking our greatest potential. This orientation also looks to developing the vast natural resources of Siberia, Alaska and the great Canadian north, along with the construction of advanced arctic cities which will transform minerals on site. The long overdue NAWAPA project (3), would significantly increase hydroelectric and irrigation capacities to the North American territories and must be considered an integral part of these promising transformations of the great Canadian north.

Yet we must set our sights still higher than the great Canadian north. Humankind must return to space, although not by simply sending a few robotic soil samplers, but with human explorers, and engineers who will take part in the development of the Moon. This would not only permit our access to the Moon's bountiful (but terrestrially rare) helium-3 which is the best fuel for thermonuclear fusion, but greater still, this endeavor would lead into the permanent establishment of a manned based colony on Mars, whereby the solar system and the universe beyond will then be finally accessible as man's rightful sphere of activity.

A true political economy is before us; a new system to build the future is within reach. It needs from us a commitment to begin to resolve today the problems of tomorrow. It is this policy for the future, which differentiates the human from the monkey, and which will inspire within the population the moral force and optimism that would finally allow for the successful rejection of imperial ecological and financial policies, and let us get on with real development, a physical economy, elevating man to his most dignified expression as a willful creative force acting on the universe for the general welfare.

(1) www.copenhagenscandal.org

(2) www.larouchepac.com/healthcare

(3) North American Water and Power Alliance

Jan 12

The Canadian Fire Sale

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I know many conscious Canadians often lose sight of the trees while keeping their views on the forrest as a whole... and for that reason, I wrote up a few quick summaries of recent very important Canadian developments reported in the National Post, Globe and Mail, and Fraser Institute monthly which it will do well to be aware of. I'm not yet certain what connection these huge intentions play with Harper's stopping Parliament until May 3, but I'm sure they are not disconnected. I will be putting together a more extensive report in the coming weeks.



The Globe and Mail has featured several major pieces this week featuring major dismantling at the remaining foundations of Canadian sovereignty. Primarily: the Pension crisis, Selling off of public works, and health care... The logic being hinged always upon the increasing deficit which rates at 24.7 billion in Ontario, and the Federal deficit is 50-60 billion (and TD report said next year would be 90 billion)-VERIFY. These reports are extra important because they destroy the mythology which most canadians have been sold by the media (Canada is in great financial shape- it's everyone else who have problems).

The means at which emergency revenues are being proposed currently:

1-Firesale of Crown Corporations.

2-Firesale of Nuclear Reactor Technology

3-Privatization of Pensions

4-Health Care Cuts (only Fraser institute reference so far)

5-Carbon Tax

Players: Ontario PM Dalton McGuinty, Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan

Revenue is being proposed by selling off the major Ontario Crown Corporations, in One of 2 ways:

1- In piecemeal form, bit by bit or

2- by lumping them all together as a super-corporation and selling that

Dwight Duncan recommends that consolidation all into a parent corporation and selling a 20% private stake, whereby the government will still have a controlling hand... which is of course bullshit. The Globe and Mail reports that the Investment bankers HE hired say that this option would be unexceptable as it is a weak stock market valuation, and that private investors will only put money in something where the government is not in the drivers' seat (its all or nothing it seems).

McGuinty: "We've got a responsibility to take a look at all of our assets to make sure that we're getting the best bang for the buck, and especially now in the context of a global recession and a significant deficit"

Ontario Crown Jewels being pushed for sale:

Ontario Power Generation- supplies electricity province wide

$6.4 billion revenue- 2008

$88 million profit- 2008

12,000 employees

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp- Runs casinos, and lotteries

$6.1 billion revenues- 2008

$1.7 billion profit

XXX employees

Hydro One-province wide power transmission

$4.6 billion revenue 2008

$498 million profit 2008

5,032 employees

Liquor Control Board- Monopoly on sale of spirits and wine

$4.3 billion revenue 2008

$1.4 billion profit 2008

3.462 employees

The two Investment banks were hired by Ontario Government to study the sales:

A: CIBC World Markets and Goldman Sachs

**Get a list and mini bio of the past crown corporations sold (ie: Air Canada, Petro Canada, Teleglobe)
Two Competing buyers:
"Who knows what the process will be, but obviously OMERS will certainly look at the assets for sure," says Paul Renaud, president and chief executive of OMERS Private Equity.
"It's on our home soil, and our home province, and the quality of the assets, the size of the assets are unique. For an investor with a long term asset like teachers this is a good fit."-Erol Uzumeri, head of Teachers' Private Capital, (the private equity arm of the OTPP)

Who is against this shit (potential allies):

AGAINST: Rod Sheppard, president of the Society of Energy Professionals


Is Harper pro-Nuclear as everyone seems to think? Well, he's tryin hard to sell it to foreign buyers... what does that tell you?

Harper confirmed he is calling for bids on the reactor wing of Atomic Energy fo Canada Ltd. Experts fear that this will leave the country "They're going to be selling Canadian know-how and intellectual property to a foreign bidder at bargain basement prices"- Geoff Regan, Halifax Liberal MP, "We're concerned that this is effectifely Canada's new Avro Arrow".


Globe and Mail article by Robert Carrick: Higher Taxes or Fewer Services: Something's got to give

DBRS Ltd Health Care costs represent 30-40% of provincial budgets, and costs rise between 5-7% annually. This is accompanied by the Frasier Institute report on Health Care reform I had read recently...
"Given tax increases would certainly hinder the province's economic recovery, Ontarians should instead begin contemplating reductions in government spending. And there's no better place to start than health care."

The article goes on to suggest bringing in partial-private insurance (since people wont overuse scarce medical resources when they pay for it themselves).

Then it suggests cutting funding to clinics, and setting up a 'pay per client' basis, which will devastate all smaller hospitals and clinics who dont get a ton of patients. They say this should allow for more "competition"... ie: the walmart logic to eat up "uncompetitive" small businesses in any area a behemoth is installed.

It ends with a final note: "But those reductions in spending need not reduce the quality of public services. Indeed, the level of misallocated and wasted resources in health care is high enought to allow the province to substantially reduce spending through sensible health care reform while actually improving access to health care."


Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says he'll leave "all options" for pension reform at the Whitehorse meeting. The main object being discussed is a "supplementary private pension plan" system, over and above Canada-Quebec pension plans. BC and Alberta have apparently been blazing the path for this reform. HOW SO!
More on this soon.

-Matthew Ehret
Dec 22

Where's the Humanity?

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 Would you beleive me if i told you that you have special powers? You possess abilities that set you aside from every animal species on earth. The tragedy of seeing how many people are wasting such powerful tools is overwhelming. Collectively, these powers are what I call your humanity, because they are what make you uniquely human. Let me tell you about some of them:

Human cognition - the power of reason
Living life as if it is something to "get over with" is how

Many of us operate from day to day. We madly avoid a[Invalid video specified]ny sort of pain, and will go any length for one small, single morsel of gratification. Though that pleasure, that "richness" is what we feel is what qualifies our life as worth living, it is this very elusive pleasure that distracts us from the true riches of life. Some never experience what it is to be human, to be alive! Many are missing the joy of discovery, and the joy of living for principles they care about so much that they would die for them. We have the power to process a pile of information and translate it into the most logical action. To learn new concepts, then apply them to other situations. Humans can act upon the universe, rather than being a mere victim of their environment.
The next time you are at Starbucks, McDonalds or Walmart, perhaps you can take advantage of your power of reason and think about what the long term and long range effects of your actions are, on yourself and on the world. Supporting these globalist predators will lead to more (furhter?) injustice, as well as poorer products (products of inferior quality?) for yourself. Human cognition is in a class of its own when it comes to life on this planet; unfortunately most people seem to act more like apes than humans. Perhaps we've taken Darwin's theory of evolution too far. Immortality
You have the ability to develop ideas, and also to communicate them to others, who can in turn, improve them further. Some say that a part of you is immortalized through a contribution to the development of an idea. If you were searching for a magic potion of 'eternal life,' your efforts are misguided. Your only chance for an legacy is your everlasting contribution to the future, and it can either be a fading echo of wasted potential, or a permanent stamp of achievement. You have the power to choose which.

Free will
Have you ever seen 'The Matrix?' When Neo is standing in front of the architect, his advantage is that he has a choice. His will to save his people COULD override his love for Trinity, he is free to choose. The architect speaks of the problem of choice, which is that freedom of choice leaves the possibility that his system could be destroyed (quite easily too.) Today, we have the illusion of choice in government. Typically, you are only offered the two options of blue and red, but skin color aside (think Obama/Mccain) your choices are never black and white. Whichever side you choose, it is always a win for the plutocracy and a loss for you and I. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility that we as a society will take the third option and actually change the system to work FOR the people. You can overcome any circumstance without the use of drugs, gimmicks, god, or a 12-step program. The power is in you.

To dream
Your dream may be a vision of the future, an innovation that no one has yet thought of, or inspiring art that you may bring to life. Imagine having the power to create such a dream in your mind. Although it doesn't physically exist, you could bring it from your mind into reality, and thereby change the way the world, or even the universe works. I encourage everyone to dream up something beautiful, and do something to manifest it.

To see the future:
Not only can you have a future motivated action, but you can foresee the probable results of your actions. In star wars, the Jedi are known as 'the pre cogs', in the matrix, Neo could dodge bullets because of abilities he always had, but just discovered. In reality, it's a bit different, but not as much as you think. Our power of reason allows us to discover the principles that drive things, and predict the result of their workings, from there we can actually change how they work. Imagine how useful this skill could be after refinement and practice.

The power of good
Use the force! Every human being has the potential to recognize goodness, to become good, and to do good. Every human being has the potential to become make good choices and be a good person. Even once started down a bad path, anyone can excercize their human free will and go back up the path to find the right one. Good people who cooperate with other good people can become a very powerful force. The more you look at the 'Star Wars' analagy, the easier it is to see how a positive entity can utilize and collaborate with other good forces to achieve anything.

Beauty The power to intelligently create and appreciate beauty. Art is remarkable: you are translating something through your own eyes, and then transforming raw materials into something that is meant to make someone understand the beauty you saw. What you are actually doing, without even realizing it, is creating more beauty. Communication gives us the ability to appreciate, and learn. Communication is our innate connection to one another; we must keep our connection to each other and to the world as strong as possible. We need not live in such a bleak and emotionally vacant place.

To recognize that someone needs your help, and to give to them, knowing you won't get anything back except a good feeling is a great thing. Care and compassion are very underrated in our society. Instead replaced with ruthless greed and indifference. The world is a better place to live when you inject a bit of good will, and you will find that much more comes out of it than goes into it.

Possibly your most valuable attribute, creativity is what enables you to bring things into existence such as; life, beauty, ideas, goodness and other creative entities. Everything else is just recreating a slightly modified version of itself, or part thereof. This is your godly power to create something beautiful and good. Something that did not exist before, but which intelligently contributes to the increase of the living standard of humanity and all life. To utilize your own godly attributes, and relinquish the need to be overly dependant on any expert or deity.

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