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May 31

G20: monetary reform

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To friends of monetary and banking reform:

Canadians concerned about the creation and control of money would like to see this issue get as much publicity as possible prior to the G20 meeting because it is a fundamental problem affecting all government policy decisions.

Paul Hellyer, who has worked on this matter for many years and has written half a dozen books on the subject, is trying to get  the G20 meeting to adopt 3 changes to our financial system namely, reduce the money created by commercial banks, increase the money created by government and re-instate reserve requirements for the commercial banks.  He has written to every member of the G20 and sent them copies of two of his recent books.  On May 20 he held a press conference in Ottawa and on Friday, June 18, he plans to speak about it in Toronto at Trinity-St. Paul's Church (beginning at 7:15pm).

The problem of money creation and control is enormous.  Canadians paid $170-million per day (over $62-billion) in 2008/09 in unnecessary interest on federal, provincial and municipal debt.  The cost for 2009/10 and subsequent years will likely be higher.  These costs are reflected in taxes, fees, cut-backs in public services such as education and medicare, training and support of laid-off workers and deterioration of infrastructure such as roads, sewers, water lines, affordable housing and the environment.  More importantly, government indebtedness to private financiers gives that sector undue influence on government policy leading to decisions which benefit the interests of the private sector foremost rather than that of the community as a whole.  

Friends of monetary and banking reform are asked to consider what they can do to support Paul's efforts to get G20 members to adopt his proposals.  As he said, "The G20 meeting is the best opportunity we have had in decades to educate both leaders and rank and file about the vagaries of the monetary and banking system."

If you can attend on June 18, good.  If you can inform others about it, better.  If you belong to social action groups, are concerned about the environment, are a trade unionist or are involved with other community minded groups and can bring them to the meeting, better still.  "Unless governments agree to take back some of their power over the creation of money .... they just won’t have the financial flexibility to prevent global warming" or respond to the needs of their people as they should.  

Paul hopes we can get a million e-mails or letters in Canada and the U.S. sent to our members of Parliament, prime minister, the president and members of Congress in the two or three weeks leading up to the G20.  "At least we can make them aware that we want them to start thinking outside of the box and not just try and patch up the old unstable and unsustainable system", he said.

This meeting is being organized without a budget.  It will be free, but donations will be accepted at the door to cover expenses.  John Riddell is doing the leg work to get the hall set up.  If you would like to help you can contact John at <jhriddell@sympatico.ca>.

Richard Priestman 
May 28


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From covering for the criminal negligence of British Petroleum, to ordering the Senate to avoid discussion of the Glass-Steagall amendment, to putting forward the unconstitutional legislation known as "the unnecessary spending bill" that gives Obama a dictatorship over the Congressional budget process, and more, this British puppet Obama, along with the corrupt Congress, are well on their way to sparking another American Revolution.   

     At this point, it is the American people who will recreate and reinstate the U.S. Constitution.

     A few examples of what is coming can be seen in a thirty-five thousand impromptu demo in Trenton, NJ on the budget cuts, and with almost no notification a 5,000 demo against Obama in San Francisco outside a $35,000 a plate fundraiser for Senator Barbara Boxer.  The fundraiser was wrecked as the wealthy could talk about nothing but the demonstrators, while Obama commiserated with them about his troubled 18 months in office and the Mustaches on the posters outside.  Meanwhile incumbent lobby funded Republican and Democratic elected officials with plenty of bucks in their war-chest are being trashed in their respective primaries by no names with no money.  

     The same process has also begun in Germany among the German population.  This has forced the Merkel government to take on the speculators with bans on short selling and some types of derivatives.  The Washington Post has said these kind of actions by such Europeans could cause a chain reaction.  No kidding.  U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has been dispatched by the British and Obama to straighten Merkel out, and get her to back off, but the German people will not accept submission to the empire any longer.
May 20

The System is Designed for Austerity

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With Greece almost defaulting on their sovereign debt many people are blaming the people and their excesses for the nation’s problems.  Early retirement, high wages, pensions and tax evasions, the mainstream media is quick to point these things out.  Many western nations are in the same sinking boat as Greece.  Spain and Portugal had their credit ratings reduced.  The UK has an even greater deficit than Greece.  Ireland is on the ropes.  The United States is raking up huge deficits while job losses and foreclosures continue to mount.  The “so called” economic experts are saying that austerity measures are needed by western governments to save the world from a collapse of the economic system.    Massive government cuts need to be made- they say . The time of the free lunch is over they quip. 

 This type of rhetoric is completely disturbing to me considering it is the economic system itself that is designed to lead to austerity.   It is designed to channel wealth to the top 1% and to destroy the middle class.  These economic experts are idiots.  For instance Greece accepting the economic austerity measures in order to get bailout money would have to make massive cuts that would leave 1/3 of the country without jobs.  These were well paying middle class jobs.  Right there you would have 1/3 of the population joining the lower classes.  There would be no paying back bailout money with a lower class that big.  There would be no real wealth in that nation generated with 1/3 of the country losing jobs especially with 1/3 of the people not working and not producing wealth for the nation.  It would do nothing for Greece except to keep it poor.

The only people getting a free lunch are private bankers.  Western nations are not sovereign because they borrow money from private bankers at interest.  Greece used money issued to them as debt to fund their needs at interest.   For every dollar these banks have, they are allowed to lend out at least ten times that amount, this is called fractional reserve banking.  But instead of lending out to fund industry and to stimulate the economy, they choose to gamble it away with wild speculation, only to be bailed out by government through the looting of the people.   

This is what every so called 'sovereign' western nation does. Borrow money from private bankers at interest that can easily be raised and eat up budgets while the banks use money created out of thin air to gamble and speculate.  This idea is absolutely ludicrous.   At the same time nations have opened themselves up to free trade and have seen their domestic industries obliterated.  Cheap consumer goods have made it hard for domestic industry to compete with international markets.  Jobs have been outsourced, resources bought by transnational corporations.  Because of free trade policies, wealth has been transferred out of nations into the pockets of corporations, while domestic economies have suffered.   

These two things have looted the wealth of the people and have made the collapse of the economic system imminent.   This is what the system was designed to do - Create a neo-feudalistic world elite oligarchy and then the lower class masses.  Don’t listen to the economic experts who preach austerity.  Austerity measures are the product of this current economic system, it is the measure that is needed to save this parasitic system.  Why save it when we could get rid of it and adopt one where nations are truly sovereign? 

In order to be sovereign:

#1) A nation's central bank should not be privately owned like the Federal Reserve.  It should not be privately owned like the EU central bank, or the IMF, World Bank, or the BIS.  A nation’s central bank should be owned by the people and for the people.   Money should not be created by private banks through fractional reserve banking.  This money rarely goes to fund domestic industries, and when it does it is issued as debt with high interest attached.  More often than not it goes to speculation, which does not represent real wealth.  It is money created out of thin air for the purpose of gambling.  Instead the power to create money should be with parliament or congress through the nationalized central bank owned by the people for the sole purpose of funding infrastructure and development at little or no interest.   This money will be backed by industry and productivity, and therefore, is neither inflationary nor deflationary. It is spent into existence rather than loaned into existence.  This central bank could lend to cities and municipalities to fund  infrastructure needs as well.   

#2) A policy of protectionism needs to be in place to encourage domestic industry, and the protection of natural resources from foreign ownership.    This is how America, Canada and many western nations became industrial powerhouses.   A policy of protectionism will protect domestic industry from competing with cheap goods from nations that pay their workers next to nothing in sweatshop conditions.   It will keep wealth from being channeled into foreign markets.  It will keep the wealth at home in a thriving domestic economy. 

Canada used to have a similar system.  This is how we became a “have” nation.  But with free trade and the privatization of our banking system, we are on pace to be like Greece.  At some point we will have to make drastic cuts in all areas of life that will affect everybody.  All of the western world will have to do this, unless we can adopt the “American system” proposed by Henry C. Carey, chief economic advisor to Abraham Lincoln.  It was Lincoln’s green backs:  government issued credit that changed America from an insolvent country devastated by a civil war into an industrial giant.  It is what got Lincoln assassinated.  Government issued credit through our own national bank; the Bank of Canada is what built our railway.  It is what funded our health care system.  It is what paid for our World War 2 effort with minimal debt.  It is what paid for our prosperity before we adopted the globalization model and the use of the private banking system.   So do not listen to these austerity arguments about how everything needs to be cut.   The economic system needs to be changed.  Let these bad private banks go bankrupt.  In theory it is not the people that are bankrupt but the banks.  The people have unlimited wealth; government issued credit backed by nothing except the faith, labour and productivity of the people issued at zero interest that can fund industry, create jobs, and a high standard of living.  Protectionism will protect these domestic industries.   It’s time for the transnational corporations and international banking cartels to be informed that there will be no more free lunch.


May 09

Euro Crisis and Webcast

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1) The Euro crisis is not the fault of Greece or any nation in Europe as the media narrative would have people believe. This is what happens when a highly leveraged speculative banking system melts down and finds itself sitting atop infinitely unpayable debts. It is therefore the fault of the private banking system and not the people.

2) The banks should not get bailed out and the people of Greece should not have to suffer austerity (massive cuts in living standards, social services, etc) as is currently happening under the diktats of the IMF and the European Monetary Union. This is the same bank bailout policy which had begun in the United States in late 2008, and it is hyper-inflationary. This video offers good insight into the process.

3) The only solution available to all nations is the Global Glass Steagall, and New Bretton Woods being proposed uniquely by American Statesman Lyndon LaRouche. The Glass-Steagall is currently being voted upon in Congress this week.

4) For all those not familiar with our reality, or those who need a dose of realistic optimism, check out Lyndon LaRouche's May 8 Webcast: The Greatest Crisis in Modern History archived free to download in 5 languages.  

For information on events, conferences and classes, simply ask

Matthew Ehret
May 08

Understanding Yin and Yang

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 The world is made up of the polarity of yin and yang.  Yin and yang is a manifested everywhere in our universe.   Yin is the soft, the subtle, the feminine, the restful principle whereas yang is the hard active masculine principle.   Yin and yang are part of the same whole but opposite polarities.   Yin and yang is manifested in the universe in many ways:  we have light and darkness, day and night.  We have birth and death.  We have male and female.  We have bliss and we have pain.   We have happiness and we have sadness.  We have love and we have hate.  We have peace and we have chaos, we have positive and negative. 

The Taoists hold true to their heart an axiom- that is,  everything will eventually lead to its opposite.  Something that is yang will eventually become yin and something that is yin will eventually become yang. 

Empires will rise and then empires will fall to only be replaced by another empire that will rise and then eventually fall.   Chaos will end with peace and peace will lead to chaos.  Every biological system will reach a maxim of chaos before a higher more harmonious order will develop.  A baby is born grows to maturity and then declines to death only to be reborn again.   For some who are bipolar they may experience highs of joy and bliss to be followed by sadness and depression.    A flower grows and its petals open only to wither and loss its petals, but its seeds start this cycle again.  Yin begets yang and yang begets yin.  Life begets death and death begets life.  Chaos begets peace and peace begets chaos.  Ying and yang is a never ending cycle.

Ying and yang are different polarities of the same thing.  Love and hate are different polarities of the same thing.  Life and death are different polarities of the same thing.  Light and darkness are different polarities of the same thing.   Chaos and peace are different polarities of the same thing.  If we didn’t have hate how would we know what love is?  If we didn’t have death we wouldn’t treasure life.  And if there were no darkness how would you recognize the light.  If you didn’t know chaos you wouldn’t appreciate peace.  These are the boundaries that provide distinction, balance and appreciation in life.  These are the polarities created by our benevolent conscious universe to enhance our experience and to provide structure and boundaries to enjoy the Universe’s creation and our own creations on this planet. 

Everything in the Universe is made of energy.  Energy is vibration and sound.  Sound is waves.  Everything acts like a wave in the universe meandering between the polarities and the amplitudes of the wave.  Some waves are more extreme than others.   Some waves are softer and some more frequent. Never the less the principle of yin and yang is manifested in everything.  And that which is yin will eventually become yang and that which is yang will eventually become yin because everything eventually leads to its opposite just like a meandering wave. 


May 07

The best of Axiomatica!

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May 07

The Crash, and the bill that will change everything

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The financial system is coming down and it will never come back.  When will the crash occur?  It already occurred!  The equivalent of a Glass-Steagall resolution has been added as an amendment to the Dodd finance reform bill in the U.S. Senate.   Its addition changes everything.  It is the most important political development in the world.  If the banking reform bill passes the U.S. Senate, with the Cantwell-McCain Glass-Steagall amendment in it, that mere action alone will start a mass rush towards bankruptcy reorganization all over the world.  It will end the banker's bluff to get their hyper-inflationary bailout, and begin canceling hundreds of $ trillions of fraudulent financial claims that are killing the world economy. If Obama tries to stop it he will swept out of office by whatever has been prepared and ready to go for that purpose.
      The news of such a development would end the power of the Rothschilds and their collapsing Inter-Alpha group of banks forever.  All our efforts now are being directed to this end of getting this amendment through.  Polls done of voters in the U.S. are showing a 78% approval for Glass-Steagall type measures.
      It is not by accident that Lyndon LaRouche will be doing a webcast this Saturday, May 8th at 10:00 A.M. Pacific time.  Many forces from around the world will be keying into the webcast to get a handle on putting the banks through bankruptcy reorganization.  
May 06

On the Supreme Court split decision on Corporations and Elections

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 The best I could figure out is that the Corporations, without going through their political action committees, can run attack ads financed by corporate funds during the periods that were previously prohibited in the McCain-Feingold bill, which was 30 days before a Primary Election, and 60 days before a General Election.  Now this is very serious.  Because if you are going to run attack ads that is when you would do it.  Running attack ads earlier than 60 days before a general election is a total waste of money, and no corporation would waste their money on doing something like that.  The ruling does not change the prohibition on corporations directly funding candidates.  They still have to do that through their Political Action Committees.  But the effect of being able to run attack ads at election time is as bad as being able to fund candidates directly, and does increase the ability of multinational corporations to intervene into any election.  Such an intervention would most likely be against any candidate that the corporations, or a specific corporation, did not deem would be willing to act in the corporation(s) interest.  This intervention would also be of a negative attack type nature, not a positive intervention.  In effect, candidates running for office would have to fear such interventions, and would be further fearful than they already are of representing the interest of the voters in their districts.  Candidates can always get funds from the political action committees of the corporations for favors to the corporations, but those who eschew the corporations would now also have to contend with the corporations intervening against them with attack ads, to help their opponents win.  Media time is very expensive and depends on the market share that a network, or media entity has for its advertising.  To be able to do something like this with millions of dollars at a shot is very onerous, and not a first amendment issue.  The other issue raised in the decision is that the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations should have the freedom of speech that citizens have.  In other words a rich individual could run attack ads as an individual.  A rich person would probably not do that since it is a huge waste of money for such an individual, and the individual would be identified with the issue directly and would lose anonymity.  The affected candidate could retaliate publicly against that individual, who would be exposed personally to counterattacks for attack for running attack ads. It would be one individual attacking another individual.  A corporation is more anonymous and can hide behind some front group or committee in doing the attack.  In other words the Supreme Court has not conferred the same rights to freedom of speech that an individual has to a corporation, rather it has conferred MORE RIGHTS THAN WHAT AN INDIVIDUAL HAS.  It is of no suprise that the five Supreme Court Justices who did this are fascists members of the Federalist Society, and subscribe the unconstitutional view of the Bush doctrine of the "unitary executive" which is fascist.  This is the same doctrine Obama is going with now.   


-Paul Glumaz 

May 05

Marginal Police Brutality?

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This kid posed no threat to anyone. an idiot? sure.. hurt him? why? are the cops now judge jury and punishers too? 



Not with you on this one! Apparently, jail time, fines, and a criminal record is not a deterent for some people. In this case the cops/security are just enforcers of the rules of the ballpark and within their right to use that force.. Was tasing needed to subdue this idiot? Probably not. But what would you rather see, more idiots running on the field, or less. 



Yeah, but if they caught him, they probably wouldve hurt him when throwing him to the ground, etc.  

Bottom line, in today's world in the USA, you are an idiot to do something stupid like that. Is America way over the top gun crazy? Yes! Are the police way too aggressive? Yes! Has it sucked a lot of the fun and innocence that America used to befamous for? Yes! Dies that suck? Yes!

But it's how it is. And everyone knows it. So doing something like that is just begging to be dealt with severely. 

America of the 20th century died on 9/11, 2001. RIP 



I don't want to live in a world where it's no longer acceptable to do stupid things. :P 



Ii dont think he was begging to be dealt with severely, his only crime is interupting a bunch of people's entertainment with more entertainment! this was probably the only running anyone had done on that field in an hour! 

can they afford the extra minute it would take for him to tire out and get caught be multiple security guards? yes. i guess the biggest losers are the billion dollar corporations that had their ads delayed a few seconds.. good thing their goon squads had tasers! 

i would rather see more idiots on the field than more tasers being used unnecisarily! its supposed to be used ONLY when use of a gun is also justified. it is a potentially deadly weapon. 

the cops are not there to punish people, thats not their job.

Nicole, you win comment of the day!



 Again, Kelso, posting senseless videos. Honestly, do you really think this was excessive force? Don was right.

I honestly think you just try and find anything you can and say, "OMG look at what’s happening here, their against us, blah blah." Its like you are one of those teenage kids that are just against the Police because they are your authority.

You honestly need to stop this, its not good, you are so against the police/army thats its becoming sickning, and you are litterly looking at every little possible thing to try and slander their job, do you honestly think you could do a better job? What the fuck would you have done in this situation? Have you ever even been taserd?

Its a sad state of affairs when you are so against people here that are trying to protect us, yes, some are bad, yes some of them should loose their jobs, but common here, give it a break, their not against you, the cops/army men arnt going to take over the world, come into your home and arrest you. 



when you do something stupid like that KID did, there is a penalty. it didn't harm anyone, so the penalty is not that severe, he will probably be fined and banned. 

cops do no t have the right to deal out their own punishments. thats what court rooms are for. 

if you really think this cop was 'protecting' anyone by hurting a child, you need to give your head a shake.

i'm not against police or military, they have their place in society. i just expect them to stay in thei place instead of invading mine. 

there is a problem with the mentality of alot of cops that are self righteous, power hungry, aggressive, dishonest, and brutal. Some are worse than others, but it is evidence of a systemic problem that needs to be adressed.

what would i do in this situation? grab him! its just a kid, and theres 12 of us chasing him. our job is to chase people, maybe we should have some pride in our work and keep fit. See if I could get the message through to that kid that he's not the only one in the universe,m and he's liable to get himself tasered by some jack booted thug. 

May 05

Marginal Police Brutality?

Posted by admin in police brutality

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